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A unique project for the education of our students.

Our (amazing) Partners


Specialized and recognized for more than 3 years on this technology and its various applications, our student-experts will provide you with quality expertise and advice.

Artificial(s) Intelligence(s)

Today in full expansion in our project, we are developing a theoretical and technical expertise on Artificial Intelligence within our Paris branch, in particular with HUB France IA or with the association of student engineers and partner GarageISEP.

Internet of Things

Thanks to the support of the internationally recognized company Ledger, our students will soon be trained in order to develop a theoretical and technical expertise with regard to connected objects.

Virtual Reality

Initiated in 2020 at Kedge Business School Marseille and the Institut-Mines Telecom and Telecom Sud-Paris, this new department will be dedicated to the organization of distance training and events for the benefit of all (companies and individuals).

Organized events
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” To break codes, but mostly to cross-code “

Technology is our (he)art

Discover our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

We are the very first student project in the world to operate on a daily basis thanks to a decentralized organization (DAO).

Discover our Lightning Network node (Bitcoin)

Always cutting edge, we use this node for internal paybacks but also and above all to contribute to the security of Bitcoin while improving its scalability.

Discover our core business

KRYPTOSPHERE® is a unique project within the universe of French Business and Engineering Schools both in terms of strategy and internal structuring.

Discover our associations in France

Meet our associations of engineers (Centrale Marseille and Telecom Sud Paris) or sales people (Kedge Business School, Rennes SB or the Institut-Mines-Telecom or EM Lyon).

Train yourself (online and offline)

Free of charge and thanks to the many quality articles produced by our students. You can also take part in our physical or virtual events - also free of charge - on our various fields of expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or Connected Objects and Distributed Registry Technologies (blockchains).


Frequently asked questions

Our project is exclusively developed and managed by students in higher education (Bac+3 to Bac+5).

In order to participate in our project, you must join one of our partner schools, however, we also accept the most motivated external student members. 

Contact us for more information.

A vast question, the answer to which depends on the positions and titles of each of our students – Project Manager, Partnerships, Communication, Event Manager, Treasurer or Human Resources Manager – our project is a source of multiple skills and human, organizational, theoretical or technical synergies.

Feel free to contact our members personally to get their feedback!

Startups, Big 4 firms (Octo Technology, Amaris, Consensys, Ledger…) or public institutions are our daily partners. 

Our project is not limited in time, space or number of future partners! 

Thus, all actors wishing to face the future technological challenges of our society, can potentially work synergistically with us!

They are almost as numerous as the transversal technologies or the sectors we deal with on a daily basis: Finance, Consulting, Public Institutions (Banque de france, British Ambassy, Gendarmerie…), Blockchain application development, key account auditor, entrepreneurship etc…

Our members are effectively differentiated by their level of training in new technologies or by our internal and national network of professionals.

Our project is unique in its kind. The first one is in terms of national development and the number of exceptional members and partners.

Intrapreneurship is strongly encouraged internally, flexibility is thus voluntarily promoted among our members but also among our professional partners.

Our values: Sharing – Responsiveness – Availability – Creativity and above all Passion!

You can meet our student teams in Paris, Lyon, Rennes and Marseille!

Visit the respective pages of each of our antennas directly via the menu on this site to learn more.

Discover some old articles to appreciate the evolution of our project.

They talk about us!

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