Une Marque

KryptoSphere est une marque nationale protégée, déjà reconnue dans plusieurs grandes villes françaises.

Plusieurs Associations

Cette marque regroupe plusieurs associations ayant la même vocation : vous faire connaître et comprendre l'univers de la Blockchain et des crypto-actifs !

Un projet étudiant et national

Elles sont présentes à Kedge Marseille, Rennes SB, l'ENSAE ParisTech, l'Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, à Télécom SudParis et Centrale Marseille. Elles sont exclusivement créées et gérées par des étudiants.


Initially created in 2017 at Kedge Business School Marseille, KryptoSphere is the first student association in France, specialized in the world of Blockchain and crypto-assets. Today present in three business schools (Rennes School of Business, Kedge Business School and Mines-Telecom Institute), and three engineering schools (ENSAE ParisTechTélécom SudParis and Centrale Marseille), the national role that we want to give at KryptoSphere is to theoretically and technically train student-experts on Blockchain technology and its underlyings. Thus, with our experience and expertise thanks to our internal and external training with professionals in the sector, we also democratize this technology to the general public through our various KryptoSphere associations developed in France (business schools / engineers and universities) .

Our goals


Our primary goal is to contribute directly to the volunteer development of Blockchain technology and crypto-assets, which are in full swing.

Free explanations

To popularize and make accessible the universe of Blockchain and crypto-actives to familiarize the individuals with their future impacts on our society.

Technical Development

Thanks to the first two Blockchain LABS students in Europe, which we have set up, we offer a complete and unprecedented technical development offer in France.

Training & Advice

We explain to companies how Blockchain technology can revolutionize their business model and we offer a connection with qualified experts.

Our vision


The profiles formed are still very rare in our universe, and their skills are now more than ever sought !


At the beginning of our project, NO school in France proposed a structure or a clearly defined educational strategy concerning the Blockchain technology. We were therefore the first to seize this opportunity in France.


Students are at the forefront of learning today to understand, grasp and manipulate this complex technology.

KryptoSphere through numbers :


A fabulous human climb.


Renowned schools.

Our milestones :
conférence Gendarmerie

Conference for the General Staff and the National Gendarmerie

The entire team of KryptoSphere Marseille was invited in the presence of the General Staff of the National Gendarmerie on November 30th to conduct a conference on innovation at the service of proximity. The event took place at the Hôtel de Région of Marseille through local workshops during which we developed the interest in Blockchain technology.

Realization of a course at Kedge Business School Marseille

KryptoSphere had the honor of conducting a course on the Blockchain for MSc Digital Marketing at Kedge Business School - Campus Marseille. Many thanks to Mr. Ghetty and his students for this experience.

Conference with the Banque de France

KryptoSphere was on June 9, 2018 at the CCI of Marseille Provence alongside the Banque de France to host a conference on Blockchain and crypto-assets !

Conference at the British Embassy

Realization of an invitation conference of the British Embassy in Paris to present and explain the business applications of the Blockchain.

Course at the Law Faculty (Aix en Provence)

Friday, January 25, KryptoSphere intervened to train students in M2 of the Faculty of Law of Aix en Provence. Tabet Aymane and Titouan Galpin intervened to educate future jurists on the Blockchain universe and related legal issues.

Finance Fair 2019

Back in pictures on the 2019 Finance Fair that took place on January 24th at CCI Marseille Provence !

Entrepreneurship Event

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Fidal Cabinet

We were present last night in the offices of the Cabinet Fidal in collaboration with @CyrilChauvin around the following topics: - Blockchain and Ricardian contracts - RGPD, taxation, and responsibility on Blockchain During this Interactive Meet Up many aspects in legal terms have been developed.

French Education Ministry Meeting

Business Law Clinic Partnership

Our official national trainer !

The KryptoSphere team is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with PIKCIO, a start-up combining Blockchain technology with the exchange of personal data. This partner will be a co-organizer of our events and one of our specialized trainers!

Our other partners & sponsors

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