Our Blockchains LABS

Three technical offers, three targets :


Our students LABS will offer free monthly and thematic workshops to interested students. In addition, tailor-made individual courses (for a fee) will also be offered.


Our engineering students offer, firstly, training (theoretical & technical) to professionals and, secondly, paid services (creation of Proof Of Concept on measure).

Research & Academic Development

Some of the students of our LABS will take care of "beta-testing" some Blockchains competing with traditional ones, as well as to carry out experiments, which will be the subject of technical reviews or research file. In addition, these students will be responsible for identifying internal "Uses Boxes" specific to their school, for which they will be able to develop technical solutions or "Proof of Concept".

Our objective ?

Offer to you a complete offer, combining free for students and reduced prices for professionals, to assist you in your theoretical and technical training on the world of Blockchain and crypto-active.

Student Offer :

Academic offer :


Monthly Workshops



Professional offer :

On demand

Training and Paid Services

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Our vision

Our Blockchain LABS aims to respond to a double problematic: technically train the first Blockchain developers whose French and international ecosystem will need tomorrow, while allowing to answer the today gaps in current theoretical and technical training of students and professionals traditional.

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