Une Marque

KryptoSphere est une marque nationale protégée, déjà reconnue dans plusieurs grandes villes françaises.

Plusieurs Associations

Cette marque regroupe plusieurs associations ayant la même vocation : vous faire connaître et comprendre l'univers de la Blockchain et des crypto-actifs !

Un projet étudiant et national

Elles sont présentes à Kedge Marseille, Rennes SB, l'ENSAE ParisTech, l'Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, à Télécom SudParis et Centrale Marseille. Elles sont exclusivement créées et gérées par des étudiants.


Experienced students at the head of an innovative and ambitious national project


It represents the National Student Office elected by the different KryptoSphere antennas present directly in Paris, Rennes and Marseille.

All members of the Bureau of KryptoSphere France combined, have completed at least a full year in one of the project associations, which allows them to benefit from many skills and qualifications recognized and attested by our different teams in France.

Passionate students, business schools and volunteer engineers, as well as caring professionals make KryptoSphere a unique project.

Passionate students, business schools and volunteer engineers schools, as well as caring professionals, make KryptoSphere a unique project.

Thibault Langlois-Berthelot



A maximum of members on their free time, to propose student-experts recognized in the job market.


The internal and external processes of our antennas, ensuring a strategic and human cohesion.


The national and international strategy of our project, its development as its consolidation.

To accompany

It is a question of transmitting and solving by an even more professional bias, all the students of the project.