Artificial Intelligence LAB

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Artificial Intelligence

Who ?

Again and again our students! However, some of them are going to specialize on this technology in order to become future experts in this field, thanks to internal departments specifically dedicated to it!

How ?

Thanks to our generous partners who train us theoretically and technically in this technology. Training the talents of tomorrow, that is our goal!

Where ?

Our first AI Lab is now open in Institut-Mines Télécom & Télécom Sud-Paris, many others will follow!

Why ?

First of all because Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are both dual technologies. Also, we like challenges, and above all to meet a maximum of professionals from the sector ready to train us.

Our partners

Our actions

“Breaking codes”: we train students who have access – due to the nature and internal functioning of our project – to a transversality of human, technical or theoretical skills.


Our students attend tailor-made training courses while meeting French players who are leaders in the Artificial Intelligence market.


Because theory is one thing, practice is quite another: this is where our various LABS of engineering students present in Paris, Rennes and Marseille come into play.


Industry professionals don't always have the time or resources to organize events: fortunately, our AI divisions do!

Discover our first IA division

Institut-Mines Telecom & Télécom Sud-Paris

The Institut Mines-Télécom is a French public institution of higher education and research for innovation in the fields of engineering and digital technologies, organised as a university.

A division of 10 students

Grouped within our main association KRYPTOSPHERE® which counts today nearly 45 members, our student teams are specifically trained on Artificial Intelligence technologies thanks to our partners.

Reach us !

Feel free to contact us if you need any informations.

Working hours

No time to rest (The code is law. . .) : 24h/ 24h

Find us

37-39 Rue Dareau, 75014 Paris.