Une Marque

KryptoSphere est une marque nationale protégée, déjà reconnue dans plusieurs grandes villes françaises.

Plusieurs Associations

Cette marque regroupe plusieurs associations ayant la même vocation : vous faire connaître et comprendre l'univers de la Blockchain et des crypto-actifs !

Un projet étudiant et national

Nos associations sont présentes à Kedge Business School, Rennes School of Business, l'ENSAE ParisTech et l'Institut Mines-Telecom Paris. Elles sont exclusivement créées et gérées par des étudiants.

KryptoSphere offers many new concrete actions to all people wishing to better understand the world of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies.


The whole KryptoSphere team can be reached very quickly by phone or email to answer all your questions! 

1 Meetup per month totally free, in order, on the one hand, to explain simply to the uninitiated the bases and foundations of the Blockchain and crypto-currency universe, and on the other hand, to allow people already familiar with this environment to deepen their knowledge or even to create thematic working groups.

Nos Meetups sont aujourd’hui réalisés à Marseille et Rennes.

Organisation of numerous annual thematic conferences with our partners (La Maison du Bitcoin, Circle, TedX, British Embassy…).

You can find part of it here.

Performing basic analyses of crypto-currencies and free newsletters carried out jointly with KryptoSphere Rennes.

You can request them directly below.

Research, creation and maintenance of a local fabric and network around these major technological evolutions, notably thanks to our concrete and regular actions (in Marseille and Rennes).

You can benefit from 30% discount on all technical analyses of our partner Crypto-Analyse.

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KryptoSphere has performed many fundamental analyses (to understand the specific functioning of several crypto-currencies) and newsletters since its creation 9 months ago, and we decided to share them with you for free!

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