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France's first student project to use virtual reality on a daily and massive scale

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Virtual Reality

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Our motto: “Breaking and cross-coding”


It has never been so easy to learn individually in an innovative and fast way about our areas of expertise: blockchain(s), Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things and without forgetting Virtual Reality.
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Already trained and addicted to Bitcoin? This series of events is aimed at both the learned and the Bitcoin enthusiast. Also in virtual reality, discover international players at the cutting edge of the latest innovations: Ligthening Network, Halving, etc.
This initiative is part of the KRYPTOSPHERE® project.

Discover our LAB-VR in Paris & Marseille

Institut-Mines Telecom & Télécom Sud-Paris

The Institut Mines-Télécom is a French public institution of higher education and research for innovation in the fields of engineering and digital technologies, organised as a university.

Kedge Business School Marseille

A second RV LAB is available in Marseille under the same conditions as in Paris, thanks to the pooling of our skills within the KRYPTOSPHERE® project.

Domaine de Luminy, Rue Antoine Bourdelle, 13009 Marseille.

Thibault Langlois-Berthelot
Founder and President of KRYPTOSPHERE® - Head of the VR Department
Head of Assets KRYPTOSPHERE® - Secrétaire Générale Département VR
Head of Research KRYPTOSPHERE® - Responsable Partenariats Département VR
Responsable IT KRYPTOSPHERE® - Responsable événementiel Département VR

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