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novembre 18,18h30 - 19h30

Join us at the third event of our educational series with the Graph!

About this event

This event will introduce hackers to Subgraphs!

It is the third event in a series of eight sessions dedicated to all things related to the Graph.

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a blockchain education community. We work with leading companies, networks, communities and universities. We educate people by way of events, workshops, hackathons, accelerators and bootcamps. Read more here:

About The Graph

The Graph is an indexing and query protocol powering the majority of applications in the DeFi and Web3 space today. Think Decentralized API making it easy for Web2 developers to build on blockchains as well as for Dapps to interoperate, regardless of the blockchain they are built on.

The Graph is currently one of the most used protocols in the blockchain space today, with over 10k developers who have created more than 8k subgraphs. Read more:


novembre 18
Heure :
18h30 - 19h30
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